Solutions and Services

Our innovative suite of digital solutions and services are designed to help your business be China Ready

Digital Marketing Services

Our team will establish an a WeChat Official Account for your business to target Chinese consumers, increase sales and send Push Notifications. We will develop targeted and effective multi-media Ads through WeChat Moments and WeChat Banner to strengthen brand awareness and drive user engagement


Ecommerce Solution

Our team will create and manage an e-commerce shop for your business in the WeChat eco-system, allowing you to start selling to millions of Chinese consumers today.

Payment Solution

Our team will provide all the resources and the proprietary last mile technology required to fully WeChat Pay on your online or offline payment systems. Our  solution will support the many methods of payment your Chinese customers prefer to use, including Quick Pay, QR code, In-App, Web-based, in-store etc.

SaaS business solutions

Our SaaS  multi-lingual value added business solutions, such as Smart Hotel, Smart Restaurant, will enhance productivity and sales seamlessly share key information with your customers through our user friendly interface. Both Apps are multi-lingual, catering to consumers from Chinese, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Europe and the United States.

Our team will provide extensive training on all solutions and will be available around the clock to resolve customer issues and answer questions.

Security is our #1 Priority

At KsherWIKAAS security is mission critical. Money Services Business is government regulated in our countries of operation and require regular reporting. Controls are in place to safeguard privacy and ensure that Financial Crime is prevented from taking place. This is achieved by

  • Pragmatic onboarding process
  • Robust KYC procedures
  • Security and back up of core systems
  • Maintenance of data and privacy protection
  • Embedded controls and an automated system to identify unauthorised use and prohibited illegal financing activities (Money Laundering, Cybercrime, Terrorist Financing, Fraud etc)

Governance and Compliance

Thorough reconciliation occurs at every point of the transaction process. WeChat saves user’s bank card data and is PCI-DSS compliant.