WeChat Overview 

WeChat  – the mobile “Super App,” an integral part of the social fabric in mainland China


Parent company Tencent Holding Limited is the second largest Internet company  in China; listed on Nasdaq, Hong Kong and Shanghai with a market cap of ~US$400 billion, it employs over 30,000 people

WeChat App

Think Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google and Amazon functions rolled into a single mobile app; it has ~963 million monthly active users and is the #1 Social Media  Platform in China

Launch your brand with WeChat

WeChat Official Account / WeChat Ads

WeChat Official Account offers brands robust capabilities to market products or services to the Chinese consumer. Marketers can post digital marketing advertisements on WeChat banners and WeChat moments. Additionally, Wechat’s superior in-app mobile CRM tool, helps retailers perform better-targeted campaigns based on proprietary consumer persona data

WeChat Shop

With 50% of WeChat consumers shopping on the app, WeChat shops provide retailers with a simple, mobile friendly method for sharing and selling their products to the millions of Chinese consumers

WeChat Pay

WeChat’s digital wallet has ~600 million monthly active users, who leverage the digital wallet to buy books, pay rent, purchase goods and services etc.

Retailers that accepted WeChat Pay : ~25%

Higher average sales volume than before

Retailers that leveraged WeChat: ~15%

Increase on visits from Chinese consumers